Wedding headpiece for the charming bride

wedding headpiece

Every bride, regardless of her bridal image and the style of the celebration in general, should wear a headdress. This wedding accessory helps the bride to make her image complete. In the wedding sphere, a wedding headdress is a very broad notion. The main point when choosing a wedding dress is its harmonious combination with the dress.

Varieties of wedding headdresses of the bride


A woman who has in her closet are different types of hats, it is considered difficult to characteristic lady with excellent taste. That is why you should not give advice to a bride who has already decided what she will wear a hat for the wedding. This wedding attire is mainly popular among women of mature age, for young girls it is not so attractive.

Choosing the right version of a hat for the wedding, take into account several features:

Mutual correspondence and combination with the wedding image;

The physique, shape and structure of the bride’s face.

Well as well as do not forget about your own desires and preferences.



This bridal attire has once again peaked in popularity. You may ask, “What do you mean again?” And it means that several centuries ago the wreath was considered an indispensable accessory of girls.

But it had a completely different name – fleur d’orange. In French fleurs d’orange means “orange blossom”.

Therefore it is not surprising, that the basic elements of a decor of this wreath were small flowers and branches of orange trees.

The predominant color scheme of this wedding accessory of that time is: orange, green and white. As additional decorative elements were ribbons and pearls.

Well, nowadays, the modern analog can be decorated with any precious stones, for example, Swarovski crystals. And some people prefer the simpler variants, some even choose a composition of artificial flowers. The wreath can also be attached to the veil and form a single whole with it.


The most common wedding headpiece among brides is, of course, the veil.

In the past, the veil had to be as long as the floor. It characterized the reincarnation of the girl into a mature woman. But now everything is different, the tradition has faded into oblivion.

Nowadays, the veil is not a mandatory element of the wedding image, it can be abandoned altogether. But still, the veil among brides continues to be a relevant accessory. It is this wedding headdress that gives the brides a special charm and appeal. Here also do not forget about the mutual combination of the dress and the wedding headdress.

In one case only, there are special requirements for the veil – it is a wedding ceremony in the church. In this case, the veil should not be short, its length should be enough to completely cover the face. It is also important that the veil should have no different decorations. Instead of the lace and patterned veil you can prefer a white light shawl.

A shawl will look especially beautiful on older women.


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Wedding headpiece Diadem 

This type of wedding attire, which without exception will suit any style of dress. Especially wonderful this variant of a decoration looks on long loose hair.

Of course, if you have luxurious bouffant hair, do not dare to hide them under a long veil.

Head jewel in the form of a crown gives the image of the bride majesty, power and solemnity.

Such associations were formed due to the fact that in ancient times it was the emperors who wore them on their foreheads.

If you opt for a tiara, then:

  • Hair can be completely loose, showing its chicness and opulence;
  • Raise it in a bun, then the tiara will become an extension of your hair.
  • The only thing to consider when choosing this type of wedding gown is other jewelry and precious accessories. Well, in general, if you have a tiara in your hair, then do not overdo with the number of other accessories.

Try to choose modest, miniature jewelry, so that your image was not only majestic, but also neat.

The current fashion allows all brides without exception to choose the wedding look they wish.

Now there are no strict rules and laws concerning outfits, shoes, and headgear. Here everything is individual.

One important point is that all elements of the wedding image fit together and were the same style.