Wedding earrings blue

Wedding earrings blue

A wedding is a unique festive event in the life of any person, and therefore there can be no minutiae in the preparation for this celebration. It is necessary to provide for everything, down to the smallest detail and, of course, as in the center of the event is a pair of lovers, to create the image of the bride should approach particularly carefully. The dress is chosen, about the future hairstyle already have an idea, it’s time for the wedding accessories. This article will help you choose beautiful wedding earrings for any image: depending on the style and theme of the wedding, style of the dress, hairstyle, season of the wedding celebration and other factors.

Blue wedding earrings for the bride should not just be beautiful – they should look fashionable, modern, stylish. Without branded costume jewelry or real jewelry masterpieces, the image of the bride will not be complete – only carefully selected jewelry will allow you to look harmonious, gentle, enchanting. Wedding earrings are a special accent: their location next to the face attracts attention, so such jewelry should look impeccable.

Costume jewelry or jewelry?

This question immediately rests on financial possibilities: of course, costume jewelry will be cheaper than jewelry made of precious metals, with stones or real diamonds. Jewelry over time will become a family heirloom and may be passed down from generation to generation – in which case the choice should be made on the classic forms. As a rule, for weddings, precious metals of cold shades are preferred: silver, platinum, and white gold: this makes the image delicate and elegant.

Costume jewelry allows you to feel more free – now it’s a whole fashion industry, producing high-class jewelry for every taste, so pick up the right earrings (even green, even blue pinstripe) is not difficult. In addition, many people can afford cost-sensitive costume jewellery and wedding accessories which are suitable for the most luxurious outfits and make it possible to look effective, unique and chic.

The latest trend is to use interestingly designed clips instead of the usual earrings. Wedding ear clips are stylish designs for those girls who do not have pierced ears or those who want special comfort during wedding events. Thanks to their soft silicone ear pads and special design, modern ear clips do not press on the lobe and are easy to remove or put on when necessary, even in the absence of a mirror. The magnificent range allows you to choose the right option to suit any look.

Fashionable, beautiful and, what is often important, an inexpensive option for wedding jewelry for the bride’s ears are products of jewelry alloy. Look such earrings, usually decorated with rhinestones, beads, miniature flowers from polymer clay, glass and stones, enchanting, solemn, unusually stylish.


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How to choose blue earrings to the wedding dress?

To choose blue earrings for a classic puffy dress or a tight-fitting outfit is usually not difficult: blue wedding earrings are in excellent harmony with a high hairstyle, visually elongate the neck, make you look slimmer, more elegant and feminine. Such accessories are pertinent and at the formal day wedding, and at the solemn evening banquet.

For young girls in a midi length dress or outfit of laconic designs (empire, boho, rustic, etc.) a great solution will be blue wedding earrings cloves. They emphasize the youth and charm of the bride, the naturalness of the image, symbolize purity and modesty. If the color of the dress is different from snow-white, then the earrings should contain elements in the tone of the main outfit. This is especially true for stones in jewelry, rhinestones and beads in costume jewelry. It is recommended to be more attentive when choosing jewelry for outfits in milky and cream colors. For example, snow-white silver earrings under the aivory wedding dress will visually make the shade of the outfit look dirty and unattractive. Better if it will be, for example, delicate earrings with pink quartz or rose gold jewelry.

Coral colored jewelry or jewelry with decorative elements of this shade will go perfectly with a colored dress of red and maroon palette. Such earrings refresh the complexion, perfectly in harmony with the festive makeup with a saturated shade of lipstick. The versatility of coral jewelry and costume jewelry is that they are appropriate for both the classic bride’s outfit, and for the bold avant-garde. A puffy ball gown or short dress, an outfit with a train, a simple cut or with complex decorative elements can be complemented not only by beautiful earrings, but also by a suitable accessory.

Blue wedding earrings for brides with pearls – a classic of the genre, but there are some nuances. Large pearls visually weight the image, making it more monumental and aged, so it is absolutely not suitable for young girls. But for older women or those who are getting married not for the first time, pearls look very impressive and expensive – such a bride looks luxurious and stylish, she is confident in herself, her feelings and the future of her family. The wedding dress in this case should certainly be a classic cut and preferably with a lush hem – it will balance the powerful energy of pearls, such an image looks balanced and organic.

For wedding earrings this year are relevant drop shapes with framing in white metal, thin rings from the 80-90s are back in wedding fashion and, of course, earrings attached to the ear shells make the image absolutely fabulous. Made with polymer blanks, beads, flowers or chains, twigs on the ears or twist earrings look very elegant.

Large wedding earrings

When choosing earrings for the wedding reception it is recommended to pay attention not only to their material or shape, but also to their size. So, large blue earrings are absolutely contraindicated to young girls and persons of miniature build. But for full ladies and for weddings in the ethno, glamorous or boho style such earrings will be a spectacular addition to the wedding image. As a rule, these are three-dimensional cascade earrings that resemble dangling bunches, waterfalls of beauty and brilliance, inlaid with stones, beads, crystals, floral arrangements, transparent crystals.

Jewelry of this type is not very common, as the cost of the product is directly proportional to the amount of precious metals and decorative stones, cubic zirconia, and diamonds. But among the elite jewelry can choose spectacular and original earrings with snow-white feathers and beads, in rather fanciful forms. Look such things may not be expensive, but that the style is certain, in addition, emphasize the individuality of the bride and the uniqueness of the choice.


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How to make blue wedding earrings with my own hands?

To create jewelry for the wedding reception, of course, you need the necessary skills, patience, accuracy. You can not for half an hour to create something on the knee and expect that such a “masterpiece” will be perfect for a beautiful wedding dress. But with excellent performance, homemade blue earrings for the wedding will produce a real sensation and allow you to look unique, emphasize individuality, allow you to realize the most daring ideas.

For mistresses of romantic wedding jewelry there is a full range of choice: beaded earrings, knitted earrings, earrings, decorated with flowers and figures from polymer clay, earrings with feathers, flower buds from foamirin, lace, etc. The handmade macrame earrings are openwork weaves that have almost no weight and create a beautiful pattern that complements the decorated lace or guipure wedding attire. It is always possible to find the perfect combination of the shade of the jewelry with the color of the bride’s dress.

Wedding earrings can be big and tiny, almost imperceptible and bright, classic and extravagant – the choice depends entirely on the preferences of the bride, her conceived wedding image, style and themes of the wedding. Let this day be not only the most wonderful and beautiful in any woman’s life, but also fashionable, original and beautiful.